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Piwigo Test Ended Negative

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The main problem with such a test is that I can't point the finger at the problem, whether it's the latest version of Piwigo, or its extensions, or my web server, or again the PHP version. It was incredibly slow and I couldn't work with PDF, animated WebP and mp4 files. And before I waste my precious time trying to get it to work, I quit and wait for the next version. This damn PHP is really getting on my nerves. Better luck next time.

Testing for Lair v2.5

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There have been a lot of gallery applications that I have tested to get the Secret Lair running smoothly, with a working user management and the ability to display all the necessary file formats.

Among these applications was Piwigo, but at that time it was not able to work with WebP formats. Now I have read that this application is able to work with WebP format, so I have to test it, especially if it is able to show animated WebP images. Although the name of this program is a bit unfortunate, it sounds like "pee we go" (sorry), but as long as it works, I don't mind.

So today I am going to test it and I will let you know if this is going to work. Keep your fingers crossed, please and thank you!