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(G-log #3)

Information for supporters and interested parties

New: There is a new version (She051c-alt1.jpg) of the last Shego image from PhillipThe2, now available in the Special Folders.

Information: Since the jAlbum application creates a new ZIP file for a folder whenever a single change is made, this file can become quite large, especially in the 8k folder (for the PhillipThe2 8k folder even more than 800 MB! The only way to reduce such files is to split the folder into smaller ones.

So I wanted to inform you that the files inside the "PhillipThe2" folder have been split:

  • Ann
  • Comix
  • Home Movies
  • Kim
  • Miss Go
  • Playtoon Covers
  • Work Files

All other files remain in the main folder.

There are no new entries except for She051c-alt1.jpg!

I also removed all the duplicate files. I'm sorry that happened.

Thanks to all my supporters for their support and patience.

Take always good care of yourself and stay healthy!

Supporters only:

Due to the fact that not all images can be resized to any desired size, the Special Folders (Silver, Gold and Platinum) are not a 1:1 copy of the standard Secret Lair. I did everything I could to make them as close to perfect as possible. I worked as long and as fast as I could, so there might be some mistakes. If you find something that should be changed, like not all colors of a workfile are filled completely into all corners or something, please don't hesitate to drop me a line. I'll see what I can do better and fix it as soon as possible.

In other words, the Special Folders are now more or less "complete". If there are no corrections or I forgot something, only the latest stuff will be uploaded from now on. Read more about this here.

Some files have been reorganized and can be found in different folders, e.g. some Melissa files are in a work files folder of Ann's comix, because Melissa had a cameo there. In the upper right corner of the Secret Lair is a search application, if you search for "Melissa" there, you will get all available pictures of her (unless I forgot some).

Thank you very much for your patience and generous support.

Big bear hug!

All of Monique's comix and work files uploaded, even a bunch of previously unpublished work files, some in multiple versions, and newly published edited files from Amelia.

I did not always find the time to make a nude version of each toon and then add clothes to it later. A lot of frames were made with the clothed version only, so it would be a lot of work to undress them, because under those clothes is... nothing, literally. But Amelia was worth the work and I hope you like her.

Melissa Showing Her... Shoes

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Supporters only:

For you I made an Image of her without shoes. ;) A work file, in the comix she will have her shoes on.

All "Miss Go" pages and work files have been re-posted. Next up will be the "Monique" comix and work files for Gold and Platinum supporters.

Thanks to all my supporters for their support and patience.

Take always good care of yourself and stay healthy!

Last Garment

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After this frame, Melissa is completely naked except for her socks and shoes. Frame 14 in progress, page 2 will have 20 frames.

Supporters only: Page 1 of "Miss Go" Comix #1 and the work files have been uploaded to the Special Folders. Some work files haven't been extracted before.

Thanks to all my supporters for their support and patience.

Take always good care of yourself and stay healthy!

Supporters Only:

All the vector files for the images have been reworked, re-created and uploaded to the Special Folders. There is a small amount of images that were created with a mixture of pixel and vector creation, from the time when I started learning to use a vector graphics program, I created some raw graphics by vector, but created the results by pixel. I will put these images at the end of the schedule, and when I find the time, I will create them from scratch.

Next will be the "Miss Go" comix.

For Supporters: ClubBanana003 is not a new work, but the first of the Monique animations to be created with a vector graphics program. I corrected her boobs, they move a bit better now, and I fixed some other bugs as well. Now as an animated WebP file in 2k, 4k and 8k format in the Special Folders.

Greetings from Bonbon

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For Supporters: One new and several old Bonnie poses rebuilt and uploaded to the Special Folders.

Supporters only: All work files from pages 1 to 8 have been re-created and uploaded to the Special Folders, up to 4320 pixels high. Some small frames were included this time.

Thanks for your generous support and patience!

Take always good care of yourself and stay healthy!

Compare WebP, PNG, JPG

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New re-edited work files from "KP's Last Mission", here a sample from page 1, frame 6, Kim's first appearance . I made an image with three versions of Kim. To see how small WebP can be, I made these comparisons: WebP to JPG WebP to PNG