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(G-log #3)

Information for supporters and interested parties

Freshly arrived, the new masterpiece from PhillipThe2, now available at the Special Folders for supporters.

Thanks Phil, great job again!

About jAlbum

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At the moment I'm uploading some great new stuff from PhillipThe2. Now that I'm in a different place I have a fast internet connection, but if I didn't I wouldn't be able to run my Secret Lair with jAlbum.

As an example, I will take the largest pile, the Platinum folder. Here are files up to 8k in size, the whole folder is currently 3.32 GB in size. I just added two new files, an image and a short story [together only 1.4 MiB (1,448,410 bytes)]. That makes an upload of 825.1 MB. That's totally crazy. At my old place it would take me more than a day to upload that. The organization of jAlbum is not ideal. One small change and this software reorganizes the whole folder with all files, which means a huge traffic on the SSD, which means a higher wear and a shorter lifespan.

To cut a long story short: If I find a better application, I will definitely change the software again. As bitter as that would be.enter image description here