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Issues With jAlbum

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For supporters:

Patient: "I have problems with my lungs." Doctor: "Then don't breathe."

This is a paraphrase of the recommendation I was given when it came to the problem with thumbnails on the "Oh, Betty!" Silver library in jAlbum.


...stop messing with WEBP, and just save the images as JPG's.

It looked like in this short video.

All created files didn't have any problems with any software except jAlbum. I cut the drama short and recreated all the files in that folder using GIMP. It's working fine now.

Except for the usual pain, everything was going fine this morning until I got the message that a new version of jAlbum was available. The result was some strange behavior with thumbnails. The images still work, but some thumbnails don't show up as they should, even though it's always the same procedure to create them, two out of four don't show up properly. I deleted them and re-created them, but with the same result. Looks like I will have to contact the skin creator and ask for help.

An example of how to use the search function of the new Secret Lair v2.5 are the Xmas pictures that will soon be available in the galleries for supporters. The harmless versions are in the "Harmless/Seasons" folders, but the alternate versions will be in the "KP&Co./Seasons" folders. To get them all together, just type the beginning of the filename of the version you want, and you will get all the images in a row. Click on one of them and you can view or download it, or start a slideshow with only the result of the search (runs once with a delay of 5 seconds). When you leave the view, you will return to the search results.