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(G-log #3)

Information for supporters and interested parties

Ann is shocked by what she sees and asks Zita to come inside, so the story begins (huarr, harr, harr).

This work file is now available at the Special Folders for supporters.

And again I was forced to go back to an older version (a few weeks) of Inkscape. I'm currently working with one of the 1.4 versions, while they are also working on version 1.5. Nothing has changed, they are still trying (!) to get rid of more than 1,800 bugs, while adding more and more new gimmicks in the latest versions and a new version appears every day. The worst thing for me is that it happens quite often that they fix some bug and suddenly something that worked fine before doesn't work without it anymore, causing me a lot of trouble. It's a pain to work with this program, but currently there is no alternative. OpenOffice / LibreOffice Draw still can't handle gradients and layers and I'm not going to subscribe to any software, either buy it or leave it, so I'll have to stay with Inkscape.

Thank you very much for your support, take care of yourself and stay healthy!