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ガガーラ・ウェブログがインターナショナルに This Blog is now international!

You can select a different language if you wish, as you can see in the top right corner.

Just like PhillipThe2, who provided us with a French version of the last picture of Ann, especially for Mardi Gras (New Orleans (and most of southern Louisiana) is French Creole). Available in the special 2K, 4K and 8K folders, passwords here.

I had the usual problems installing this translation, my FTP client (FileZilla) got an automatic update to version 3.66.4 and didn't work anymore. I had to install another FTP client, but that made trouble just like a third one...

Thanks to all my supporters for their support and patience.

Take always good care of yourself and stay healthy!

Blog App Now Working Well

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It was just a small bug that will be fixed in the next version of HTMLy. I have a lot of usernames registered in my web browser and for better distinction I like to add a suffix to the username, like gagala_htmly. This caused an error. I renamed my username and removed the suffix, now everything runs smoothly. Thanks Dan for helping me so quickly, great job!

Short info about the OLD special folders of the Secret Lair: Still no help from the web provider.

Welcome to Blog #3

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There were only a few problems at the beginning and I only had to replace one symbol with my "G" and 5 colors in one CSS file. I think the layout is usable this way. However, there are some disadvantages: First, WebP files cannot be used, neither as images, nor animations. Also, no comments can be added, because this application does not manage comments, but would only integrate one of two possible instant messenger programs, of which I am not a member. I am not a friend of spreading information to other parties, comments should only stay on this site. Sorry for that. And the text can't be justified, resized, or colorized, but that's just a minor cosmetic issue. Maybe there will be an update for this one day.

Thanks to all of my 330 supporters for their patience and support.

Take always good care of yourself and stay healthy!