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How does this all work?

You are here at the weblog, where you can find the latest information about new works, changes in the Secret Lair or some trouble in Gagala's miserable life. Since this is a public weblog, you will only find images here that have been cropped or censored.

When you become a supporter you will have access to the Special Folders of the Secret Lair.

There are three Special Folders available:

Silver (2k): Here you will find the latest works, available as soon as they are finished, as WebP images or animations, in most cases with a height of 1080 pixels . Comix in 1920 x 3070 pixels.

Gold (4k): Images and animations up to a height of 2160 pixels, comix in 2880 x 4605 pixels.

Platinum (8k): Images and animations up to a height of 4320 pixels, comix in 3840 x 6140 pixels. Access to all Special Folders.

Please note that many old pictures, animations and comix could not be enlarged because they were created with pixel-oriented software. The results would have a poor image quality.

There is a new passphrase each month for the Special Folder(s) you have access to. To find this passphrase, you'll need to go to the page where you created the support. If it's the beginning of a new month and you don't have access, it's possible that passwords are being changed. Please check this weblog for information on what's going on.

Gold (4k) supporters have access to to the Gold and Silver folders.

Platinum (8k) supporters have access to all Special Folders, because not all works could be enlarged to 8k, so they might be found in a smaller size.

At this time, the following platforms are available on which you can obtain the passphrase:



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In case anything is wrong, missing or unclear, please don’t hesitate to contact Gagala immediately.