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The second smallest number of my supporters is on DeviantArt, it's the platform that costs me the most money in fees. I can't access the money I've received whenever I want; it's only available after a 7 day waiting period. DeviantArt also doesn't have their own billing and transfer system, why would they do that when they can get other companies to do it for them and take a commission, but I pay all the more fees for it.

Since begin of this year something has changed, I can no longer just ask for the money my supporters have generously given me. Now there is two-factor authentication without my consent. In other words, since I can't give my cell phone number, there's no money. A serious logical error. The problem is that I don't have a smartphone, just an old cell phone, I can't download an application and read a given QR code.

I brought this to DeviantArt's attention, which was quite a hassle because you can't find a simple email address on their support page. It seems they just don't know about cell phones anymore. I only use it for two-factor authentication for my bank, which works, but it doesn't work for DeviantArt.

I am currently waiting to hear back from DeviantArt with a solution.

Update 2024-01-31: Found the relevant eMail address and wrote to it again. Still no reply.

Update 2024-02-01: Reply from support team of DeviantArt:

You will need access to a device that can be used for the two-factor authentication process in order to withdraw earnings. Some third party apps can be used on desktop devices for two-factor authentication. Otherwise, an older phone or tablet could suffice to set up a 2FA app as well.

Judge for yourself if such an answer is at all helpful.

Update 2024-02-03: No help from DeviantArt. What bothers me the most is that I wasn't asked if I wanted two-factor authentication at all and that they want me to use any software from Microsoft or even Google:

Thanks for the clarification. We unfortunately cannot recommend a specific authenticator to use, there are 2-Factor Authentication solutions for desktop including Linux. We recommend searching online for a 2-factor authentication app for Linux that works best for your needs. You can search on the microsoft or google app store for desktop solutions.

But I have found a solution for my Linux desktop, a tiny tool called "Authenticator" and it works well, so I don't need a smartphone. Many thanks to Bilal Elmoussaoui.

Case closed.