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I joined DeviantArt just to have more variety for my supporters to choose from. I didn't like it because it's the most expensive platform I offer and it's not easy to use, plus the fact that it didn't react to the avalanche of (mostly, not always) poor quality and tasteless AI work, and the fact that AI is slowly but surely killing me, didn't make me feel good.

The core membership was only possible by a trick of mine, because I am poor and can't afford a smartphone for the two-way authentication. Now I discovered that my browser has a cache size of more than 150 MB, so I deleted it, which meant that all cookies with the login information were also gone. No big deal, usually just re-login and all is well... well, except for DeviantArt, the two-way authentication can't work. So I had to restore a backup from my browser, where the cookies are still available. All good? No.

Please don't get me wrong, I have 18 supporters on DeviantArt and I'm grateful to each and every one of them, but in the event of an emergency, all hardware would be gone and/or a complete reinstall would be necessary, and no backup of cookies would mean I'd be locked out. So in this case, it's better to leave. DeviantArt is not willing to change this system, not even exceptionally, and I can't stand it when someone tries to force me to do something I don't want to do.

The two-way authentication is not secure, there are much better ways to make a secure login, but if they think they are perfect, let them, but without me. On the other hand, I see that this place is slowly turning into a DeviantAI place, and I can't stand that either.

I have canceled all subscriptions there and won't be posting anything at DeviantArt again. If you are a supporter of mine on that site, thank you very much for your help. I'm sorry to cause you trouble (again). You have the password to my Secret Lair for July '24, there won't be any more posts at DeviantArt. I don't know how DeviantArt is going to treat my subscribers now, if your subscription will end automatically or not, so you better cancel it manually now before they charge you again for nothing. If something goes wrong, please contact me immediately at my known email address (see Contact).

Thank you very much for your generous support, take care of yourself and stay healthy! Big bear hug!

The Special Folders have new passwords for June '24, if there are any problems, call me immediately. Please and thank you!

New: There is a new version (She051c-alt1.jpg) of the last Shego image from PhillipThe2, now available in the Special Folders.

Information: Since the jAlbum application creates a new ZIP file for a folder whenever a single change is made, this file can become quite large, especially in the 8k folder (for the PhillipThe2 8k folder even more than 800 MB! The only way to reduce such files is to split the folder into smaller ones.

So I wanted to inform you that the files inside the "PhillipThe2" folder have been split:

  • Ann
  • Comix
  • Home Movies
  • Kim
  • Miss Go
  • Playtoon Covers
  • Work Files

All other files remain in the main folder.

There are no new entries except for She051c-alt1.jpg!

I also removed all the duplicate files. I'm sorry that happened.

Thanks to all my supporters for their support and patience.

Take always good care of yourself and stay healthy!

Supporters only:

Due to the fact that not all images can be resized to any desired size, the Special Folders (Silver, Gold and Platinum) are not a 1:1 copy of the standard Secret Lair. I did everything I could to make them as close to perfect as possible. I worked as long and as fast as I could, so there might be some mistakes. If you find something that should be changed, like not all colors of a workfile are filled completely into all corners or something, please don't hesitate to drop me a line. I'll see what I can do better and fix it as soon as possible.

In other words, the Special Folders are now more or less "complete". If there are no corrections or I forgot something, only the latest stuff will be uploaded from now on. Read more about this here.

Some files have been reorganized and can be found in different folders, e.g. some Melissa files are in a work files folder of Ann's comix, because Melissa had a cameo there. In the upper right corner of the Secret Lair is a search application, if you search for "Melissa" there, you will get all available pictures of her (unless I forgot some).

Thank you very much for your patience and generous support.

Big bear hug!

All of Monique's comix and work files uploaded, even a bunch of previously unpublished work files, some in multiple versions, and newly published edited files from Amelia.

I did not always find the time to make a nude version of each toon and then add clothes to it later. A lot of frames were made with the clothed version only, so it would be a lot of work to undress them, because under those clothes is... nothing, literally. But Amelia was worth the work and I hope you like her.