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Poverty thresholds are used to measure poverty. In a household whose net household income is below the poverty line, all household members are considered poor. According to the standard set by the EU, the poverty line is 60 percent of the median needs-weighted income of the population in private households. For a one-person household, this was 1,189 euros in 2022.

So, after checking my income from May this year, I am officially poor, my income is currently in the three-digit range.

Today I went to the supermarket, (I'm using my car only once a week) got my food supply for the coming week, then a crate of mineral water and then a little luxury, a cup of coffee and a croissant at the bakery. 60 € spent, this inflation is awful.

The only positive I can report is that my histamine intolerance has improved after more than 3½ years. Now I can drink coffee and beer again (yaaayyy!), also some foods I had to give up for so long, but still not everything. My hope is that in a year's time I will be able to have all the food I want again.

Unfortunately, I can no longer afford to drive around looking for beautiful landscapes and motifs for the camera, I can only look for something in the immediate vicinity, usually between my home and the supermarket, if my health and the weather allow it. I have taken a few pictures and will be posting them on the Gagaland site in the next few days.

But I do illustration work for you every day for as long as I can.

I am all the more grateful to all those who still support me. Big bear hug

The Work Is Resting

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Unfortunately it is not possible to continue working at the moment due to health reasons, but I hope to be back soon.

Thank you very much for your patience and support, take care of yourself and stay healthy!