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(G-log #3)

Information for supporters and interested parties

Supporters only: The Ann folder has been updated. Page 2 of "Last Of The Cheer Squad" could not be fixed (would take weeks to fix manually). Opening this file with Inkscape takes about 50 minutes. It can be opened much faster with LibreOffice Draw, but then some objects get lost and the broken ones don't get picked up. I can't switch to using only LibreOffice Draw because Inkscape has some features that Draw can't handle. Exporting the whole page is possible, but some frames can't be extracted. For newbies: I'm a one-man-band, I don't have anybody to help me in any way (except PhillipThe2 when it comes to the American language for a comic), I have to manage all by myself, the works like pictures and comics, the photos for GAGALAND, the website layout and the handling of all applications. At the moment I'm a bit overwhelmed, to rebuild the whole Secret Lair is too big, too much, too many. I found a work file of Ann in a yellow bikini and added it to the "Harmless" folder, sorry, I must have missed it somehow.

Thanks to all my supporters for their patience and support!

Take always good care of yourself and stay healthy!

Issues With jAlbum

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For supporters:

Patient: "I have problems with my lungs." Doctor: "Then don't breathe."

This is a paraphrase of the recommendation I was given when it came to the problem with thumbnails on the "Oh, Betty!" Silver library in jAlbum.


...stop messing with WEBP, and just save the images as JPG's.

It looked like in this short video.

All created files didn't have any problems with any software except jAlbum. I cut the drama short and recreated all the files in that folder using GIMP. It's working fine now.

Except for the usual pain, everything was going fine this morning until I got the message that a new version of jAlbum was available. The result was some strange behavior with thumbnails. The images still work, but some thumbnails don't show up as they should, even though it's always the same procedure to create them, two out of four don't show up properly. I deleted them and re-created them, but with the same result. Looks like I will have to contact the skin creator and ask for help.

For supporters: Just a small example of what it means to recreate an old work, here it is page 12 of "Oh, Betty!" The original work file was created as a pixel graphic and in a too small original size. It needs to be enlarged to 1920 pixels wide. This example is unlucky, because the length is too long by about two pixels, these have to be cropped. A little sharpening must be added. Created as WebP, but in this case it's only to save file size and to get a great image quality, bad input, bad output. Next I put it in the Silver folder, the Gold and Platinum folders only get a link, because enlarging these works is useless, see "Photography Class" (for Gold and Platinum) which was enlarged to maximum and looks terrible. Then I had some problems with the data connection, at first I thought it was my PC, because a transfer job suddenly blocked, but as I learned later, it was the server. You can watch this in the Video folder of the Silver Gallery. The background music is random, not chosen in any way.

Recreation Process

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For an example of how fast a recreation can go, see this video: "Re-creation Photo Class Page 03". As mentioned before, many older works were created with a pixel-oriented program, and the enlargement results in a big loss of image quality, see KP/Comix/Photography Class. And there are some files that are far too time consuming, like some old Xmas files, there are many parts that would have to be combined manually, corrected and reworked with Inkscape, that's too much, at least for now. Maybe later, when the Secret Lair is working as it should. Even worse is the fact that some files are missing, no idea why, it's more than 10 years ago...

Melissa comic #2 "Panty Shot", Page 2, frame 8, Joni is half way done, as usual for you a snapshot before she gets dressed.

With the new application, it is a bit cumbersome to provide a single link for new pictures, only the picture appears, but from there you cannot click into the menu. I recommend my supporters to look at the bottom of the gallery when there is something new in the Secret Lair:

Images taken

  • in the past 48 hours
  • in the past 7 days
  • in the past 14 days

Depending on how long you've been away, click on one of the three options and you'll get a list of new stuff. But for those who are used to get a direct link: 2k, 4k, 8k.

Gold supporters can now log in to the Silver Gallery with their own password, just as Platinum supporters can log in to the Gold and Silver Galleries with their own password.

The Gold and Platinum Galleries have been activated for you to get new stuff immediately. It takes longer for me, but as soon as I create a new image, I will distribute it to all galleries.

Currently I have started to make new copies of the Xmas pictures in WebP format. Please note that not all pictures have been made in different versions, A, B and C. Some have only two versions and some, like Xmas017, have only one harmless version. As soon as I have new work, I will upload it, I can't make a post here for every time. I ask for your understanding.

If there is anything unclear or not working as it should, call me, please and thank you.

Secret Lair v2.5 Online

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I switched to v2.5 with fingers crossed, hoping it would work better.

As mentioned in previous posts, I will try to fill the Silver gallery with all the missing images and when I create a vector file, I will also create it for Gold and Platinum. This means that when Silver is done with the missing images, the 4k and 8k galleries will follow much faster.

Thanks for your patience and support, Aloha!

Today I will switch to the new Lair 2.5, the main site ( will have only minor changes:

For supporters only one button to the parent folder (contains all links to the main folders Public, Silver, Gold and Platinum). Passwords remain the same.

There is no more link for ZIP files, the new application offers ZIP files for all images in the current folder (no inclusion of subfolders).

The old Lair v2.4 will still be available at, until I have created and filled all galleries for my supporters. New works will be uploaded to the new Lair v2.5.

Thank you very much for your patience and support!

An example of how to use the search function of the new Secret Lair v2.5 are the Xmas pictures that will soon be available in the galleries for supporters. The harmless versions are in the "Harmless/Seasons" folders, but the alternate versions will be in the "KP&Co./Seasons" folders. To get them all together, just type the beginning of the filename of the version you want, and you will get all the images in a row. Click on one of them and you can view or download it, or start a slideshow with only the result of the search (runs once with a delay of 5 seconds). When you leave the view, you will return to the search results.


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ガガーラ・ウェブログがインターナショナルに This Blog is now international!

You can select a different language if you wish, as you can see in the top right corner.

Just like PhillipThe2, who provided us with a French version of the last picture of Ann, especially for Mardi Gras (New Orleans (and most of southern Louisiana) is French Creole). Available in the special 2K, 4K and 8K folders, passwords here.

I had the usual problems installing this translation, my FTP client (FileZilla) got an automatic update to version 3.66.4 and didn't work anymore. I had to install another FTP client, but that made trouble just like a third one...

Thanks to all my supporters for their support and patience.

Take always good care of yourself and stay healthy!